Never Run Out Of Salt Again

Salty lets you know when to add more salt to your water softener, before you run out.

A water softener brine tank with a salty level overlay.

You can view detailed insights on how your water softener is performing by going to the Salty dashboard. Over time, Salty will begin to predict when you will run out of salt, so you never have to guess.

Salty also lets you know if your homes temperature drops too low.

Phone with notification stating "Your homes temperature dropped below 50 degrees."

Salty lets you know if your homes temperature drops below 50 degrees, preventing expensive damage from frozen pipes and broken appliances.

Salty suggests improvements you can do to your water softener to save you money.

Card with text "It's a good idea to change your softeners replenish time to 2 AM"

You can ask the Salty Alexa or Google Assistant skill how your water softener is doing.

A Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Tap on Salty to check how much salt is left in the brine tank.

Salty WiFi Bridge Module pulsing red, yellow and green.

Red color: WiFi connection issue; yellow color: low salt level or temperature; green color: everything ok;

Don't want to get out your phone or pry off the brine tank lid every time you want to check how much salt is in your water softeners brine tank? You can tap on the top of the Salty WiFi Bridge to see how much salt is left in your brine tank. The bottom of the WiFi Bridge will light up green when the tank is more than 50% full, yellow if the salt level or your homes temperature is low, and red if Salty is having trouble connecting to WiFi.

You can share your Salty device with a tenant, family member or friend.

Salty dashboard screenshot of device sharing interface.

You can easily share your Salty device from the Salty dashboard. You can assign users either viewer or editor permissions, or transfer device ownership to them. As a viewer, users can view device data, such as the percentage of salt remaining in the brine tank. As an editor, in addition to being able to view device data, users can change device settings, like the device name.

Installs in minutes.

Water softener brine tank. Water softener brine tank lid with Salty probe module.

Salty works with most water softeners, easily attaching to the lid of the brine tank.

Monitor all your Salty devices from anywhere.

Go to the Salty dashboard

In the box:

WiFi Bridge

The WiFi Bridge contains the "brains" of Salty. Connected by a cable to the Probe, the WiFi Bridge houses a temperature sensor for low temperature alerts, and a touch sensor and LED pair that lets you quickly view water softener salt levels. It also contains a processor that helps Salty connect to the internet.


The Probe contains an ultrasonic distance sensor that measures the amount of salt in your water softeners brine tank by using tank dimensions provided during setup in the Salty dashboard. The Probe mounts to the inside of the brine tank using double-sided tape. Like the WiFi Bridge, the Probe fits in the palm of your hand.

Connecting Cables

In addition to a WiFi Bridge and Probe, your Salty will come with a 3ft USB A to USB C cable and a USB power brick to power Salty.

Product Specifications.

WiFi Bridge

Enclosure material: ABS plastic
Dimensions: about 1 x 3 x 2 inches

Temperature sensor range: -67 °F min, 257 °F max

Processor: ESP12S low power 32-bit MCU
WiFi: 802.11 b / g / n, 2.4 GHz, supports WPA2

Input power: DC 5V, 2 A max


Enclosure material: ABS plastic
Dimensions: about 1 x 3 x 1 inches

Ultrasonic sensor range: 1 inch min, 2 yards max

Power Brick

Input power: AC 100-240V ~ 50/60 Hz, 800 W max
Output power: DC 5V, 1 A

Commitment to support and privacy.

We will continue to offer support for the Salty Water Softener Monitor for as long as we exist as a company. We will never charge you to access your Salty Water Softener Monitors data via the Salty dashboard.

The Salty Water Softener Monitor does not transmit any information about your home to Salty servers other than its temperature and the salt level of your water softener. We collect anonymous usage data on the Salty dashboard using Google Analytics.

The Competition

The Salty Water Softener Monitor Existing water softener monitors Home freeze detectors
Detects amount of salt in water softeners Yes Yes No
Detects ambient temperature Yes No Yes
WiFi enabled Yes No Yes
Can be used without a smartphone Yes Yes No
Works with voice assistants Yes No No
Uses machine learning to provide more accurate data Yes No No
Can be installed by yourself Yes No Yes

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